About us

Malphas :

I’am malphas emor in second life naturally, Photographer  scripter Dj builder and many others … and fashion victim.
I have be model a long time for different model agency now i’m retired but my style is already important for me.
I love make shopping and buy a lot of things, my style ? Like this blog different each day but already PERFECT i want,    i need this i live this second live for this so you can find me in a shop i prefer she the mainstore for make my shopping.
Sometimes i make some Hunts or find some good stuff in events and if is the case i post a special record in my blog about it for your pleasure and hoping that will serve you.
I check each day some fashions blogs and try to be already informed about good news.
I hope this blog can serve you and you love it … you can contact me in second life if you need .
Kisses … malphas