Spring gardening

Sway's [Peony] Garden Shed & Gardening Table @ The home show

garden shed with working doors (2 Li)
gardening table(2 Li)

gardening utensils:(1 Li each)
flower box
gloves (green and red)
bags of soil (3 variations)
rubber boots (pink and blue)
empty flowerpots (3 variations)
garden hose
tools: spade, bar spade, hand fork and trowel
flowerpots with soil, plant and seedling
flowerpots with tulips (2 variations, each with 4 color options)
watering can (blue, green and pink)
Included are all items individually, also there is a linked / partial linked version and an
"unlinked in one part" (soft linked) version.
For an easy placement, go into edit mode before rezzing it.
That way all objects will be selected and you can move them untill you find the right place.

Please keep in mind that linking and / or unlinking this items with itself and / or other items can cause script errors or break scripts!

Not inclued 

Tomato plant and vigne

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